Need to inject life into your next pitch?

Pitching for a new project, job or client can be a stressful time. You’ve got just a few minutes to make a great impact, get across a wealth of information and sell yourselves as a professional, competent outfit. Knowing the details of your pitch, having great body language and some form of visuals to back-up your points are all vital but what else can you do to take your pitch to the next level?

The answer: video. Read on and learn three great reasons video content will improve your next pitch.

1. Pitch Simply & Effectively.

Video is proven to communicate difficult messages and concepts simply and effectively. Whether you’re explaining an abstract process or an easy product, video is great at getting vital information over to your audience.

Just as a picture can tell a thousand words, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” (Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey). Meaning you can use video within your pitch to explain your more longer winded concepts in a more succinct way.

We’ve created numerous 60-90 seconds videos that explain a company’s services, specific products and complicated business processes. Without video, these would require lengthy written blog posts and press releases to communicate them properly to their intended audiences. But with video, they can be done quickly and effectively.

Our animated explainer video for The Liquidation Advice Centre.

2. Make an Impact.

The inclusion of well crafted video content within your pitch will always be incredibly impactful. From raising your pitch’s production value, to helping illicit certain reactions or emotions from the people you’re pitching to.

We all know the impact that charity videos can have on us, they can reduce us to tears and fill us with hope. These same techniques can be used in your next pitch video to inspire your audience by your brand, service or product.

When we created the pitch video for Bulkhead Interactive’s new Second World War game Battalion 1944, we composed emotive World War Two music, filmed at a number of prolific French Second World War locations, and employed an inspiring script to trigger emotions within the gaming community. The video did so well, the company raised over £300,000 in just a few days and our video was watched well over two million times!

Our Battalion 1944 Promo Video that made an impact (and over £300,000).

3. Great Looking Video Isn’t Easy.

With ever-improving smartphone cameras, more accessible and affordable video gear and a vast amount of YouTube tutorials, creating video content is easier than ever. However, creating effective, great looking video content is another matter.

At FPF, we’ve got well over a decade’s worth of collective experience creating video and recording audio. We’ve invested tens of thousands of pounds in our gear, training and software. And we’ve created well over 100 videos for companies all over the globe, gaining millions of views and raising companies hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of revenue. Basically, we’re a little better than Joe Bloggs using Facebook Live on his iPhone (although DIY video definitely has a place in some businesses – take our friends Frogspark who have started their own, thoroughly entertaining and informative vlog).

The time and effort of getting professionally crafted video content will speak volumes for your pitch and how that you’re heavily invested in winning the pitch and delivering on it.

Above is a shortened version of our latest pitch video for ThinkPrint. We’re creating a number of bespoke videos for ThinkPrint’s upcoming tender pitches.


  • Video allows you to communicate your message clearly by visually and audibly explaining, or backing up, your pitch.
  • Video has the power to make a real impact on your viewers.
  • The time and effort that goes into getting  great looking video content will show how invested you are in the pitch.

Want to give your next pitch a huge boost? 

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