The Difference Between Cheap & Affordable Video Content

Whilst affordable and cheap  may be synonyms of each other, they both have a completely different meaning in relation to your brand and to the work you create. Which is why Future Proof Films creates affordable video content, not cheap content.

An aerial shot from one of our many affordable video projects.

But What’s The Difference?

Every consumer wants value for their money, whether they’re buying groceries or a new phone. But they also want to know what they’re buying is great quality and will serve its purpose.

This is no different when companies choose video content for their website, social media campaign, or marketing drive. The company wants to know they’re getting a product of the highest quality, that will be incredibly effective but also is good value for money.

This is where the words affordable and cheap come into play.

When you think of the word cheap you also think of something that’s low quality, possibly made in conditions that are less than favourable, and will hopefully work. The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ springs to mind here.

However, when you think of the word affordable you think of something of higher quality that will serve you well but is also reasonably priced. So you may well pay more for something that is affordable as opposed to something that is cheap but you’ll get something that is of much greater quality and is guaranteed to work much, much better.

The Impact of Cheap Video Content On Your Brand.

We often hear the phrase, “It’s better to have cheap video on your website than no video”. This couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s actually more harmful to your company to have poor quality video on your website, than no video at all.

This is because your brand is everything. From your website to your logo, to your social media platforms to your manner over the phone, everything you do, show or produce feeds into your brand. Your videos are no exception to this.

In fact, as video is now the most popular medium on all social media platforms and one of the key ways to engage your customers on your website, video is a huge influence on your brand. Which means the quality of your video content will directly weaken or strengthen your brand.

Just as you should never use poor quality photos or poorly written copy to promote your brand, you should also never feature low quality, cheap video content on anything seen by your customers.

But Affordable May Be More Expensive Than Cheap.

Yes, affordable video content will often be slightly more expensive than cheap video content. But video content is less of a purchase and more of an investment as it will give you a real return.

And by choosing affordable over cheap you’ll get higher quality results and see a much higher return on your investment; be it a monetary return or one based on social interactions and future conversions.

Which means the possible increase in price between affordable and cheap video content will be outweighed by the benefits that affordable video content will give you over cheap content.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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