‘Video is the future of content marketing.’

You have probably seen some variation of this headline on a number of articles surrounding marketing and business. The importance of video content in today’s corporate world is agreed upon. Getting the most from your video content, however, isn’t as straightforward, and one of the key questions is ‘do you really need professional video content?’.

The short answer is: almost definitely.

The RED Scarlet camera set up in this picture costs over £20,000

Battalion 1944 Promotional Video 1

Not all video content is created equal 

It should go without saying that experienced and skilled professionals using industry-leading equipment will produce better looking videos than your marketing intern using their phone.

To overcome the obstacles and bridge the gap you will need a serious cash injection for equipment (provided you know what equipment you need). Then you will have to climb the steep learning curve of pre-production, shooting, editing, and post production. All of which requires resources, such as manpower and time, making it a costly exercise, especially if the resulting video looks amateur and doesn’t show your product or company in the shining light that it deserves.

“Professional video content for our daily video diary, are you mad?”

There are some great uses of video for companies that don’t necessarily require the best looking image or crystal clear sound, such as video diaries. Shooting these yourselves, using a phone, webcam or consumer camcorder, can give a sense of authenticity and low-fi charm, making this a great way to increase your online presence in a low cost way. This approach still needs to produce engaging and watchable video content. It can be a difficult line to tread between authentic and cheap and it isn’t suitable for all companies.

If you look at a modern form of promotional video, the crowd-funding video, for example, where authenticity is paramount and building trust from your audience is the primary goal, those projects that have performed best and raised incredible amounts of money and support, all featured high quality video.

Vlogs fall into the same category. Bad video, accompanied by poor audio, can be a painful experience, and crucially, it will distract the viewer from whatever you have to say (let’s be honest, a typical viewer won’t even bother watching beyond the first 5 seconds of a poor looking/sounding vlog).

So you definitely need professional video content, right?

Video isn’t the number one marketing tool by chance. Consumers are changing the way they view the world. And we’ve all heard the phrases: ‘Youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google’ and ‘each day a bajillion people watch a quajillion videos online’. What’s important is that you put out the right video content, not just any video content. It’s not impossible to do this yourself, but it’s important that you know the limitations of DIY video.

Talk to the professionals (us!) and work out what you want to say and how you can say it best. The costs aren’t unreasonable, and the return on invest for quality video content is unrivalled.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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