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Offer Video With Future Proof Films

Now you can offer video to your clients

Strategic Partners, Sister Companies or Best Friends. Call it what you wish.

Why offer video?

We often hear ‘video is the number one online marketing tool’, and whether or not you choose to take that as fact, there’s no denying the growing importance of video in digital marketing.

The selling points are straightforward: increased customer engagement, vital for social media campaigns, and SEO boosting as google loves video (they paid $1.65 billion for YouTube in 2006).

Being able to offer video means when your potential customers are looking for marketing agencies or web designers for their launch, re-branding, or release of a new service/product, you will be able to meet all of their marketing needs, without the high cost of setting up your own video department.

How does it work?

It varies and can differ from client to client.

The client can be passed on to Future Proof Films as your ‘go-to video company’ and we would deal directly with them and pay a commission to you. Or we can give you a quote for specific video work and you can add your mark up. Or you can build it into your overall marketing or web-design package – and this can be done transparently so the client know they’re dealing with Future Proof Films, or entirely under the guise of your company and we would be representatives of you.

Basically, whichever way works for everyone involved and proves beneficial to all.

What’s in it for us?

It’s more that just more work. It’s bigger projects and it’s bigger clients.

Our videos are great. We work terrifically hard on everything we do, and we surpass expectations with all of our clients to deliver video content that works and gives a great return on investment. For video to be impactful for larger brands though, they require a larger audience for their video content and they want an all-encompassing package that can deliver this. Currently we can’t. Currently you probably can’t. Together we can.

So what’s next?

Let’s talk.

You can call on 01332 742609, email to hello@futureproof.film or come and visit us at Sadler Bridge Studios, Bold Lane, Derby, DE1 3NT.

Are you looking to offer video or do you need a video yourself? Just get in touch!

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