Working in Derby, Nottingham, London and Los Angeles.

As always, it’s been all systems go at the Future Proof Films HQ. We’ve been working with several companies locally, our most recently released piece of work being the promo video we filmed for Gravity Digital. We’ve also been filming conferences, training videos and promotional videos throughout London. Lastly, we’ve been in sunny, celebrity-filled Los Angeles working on our debut feature film.

Current Project: Feature Film

Our editor, camera-man and fellow director, Drew Davis (henceforth referred to as Drew ‘Hollywood’ Davis) recently returned from Los Angeles where he was overseeing the first feature film we’re working on, Madness in the Method. We’re currently completing all of the post-production on the film and, as the editor of the movie, Drew drew the short straw and had to fly out to boring old Hollywood (twice). You can imagine how annoyed he was by this…

The feature film has been a great experience for all of us so far, allowing us to invest in better equipment, improve upon our current skill-set and really push ourselves as a company. We can’t wait to finish our work on the project and let the world see it.

One of Drew’s highlights of the trip was meeting Jeff Goldblum (whilst casually rocking his Jurassic Park t-shirt).

Completed Project: Promotional Video | Client: Gravity Digital

We’ve worked with Gravity Digital several times before, creating animated videos for their clients, collaborating with them to create promotional videos for Derby Festé, and now working with them to capture their latest event.

The event was a Marketing Derby Bondholder talk, where they shared their insights into digital marketing and how to best run a marketing campaign. They were also joined by Cactus Images who lead another talk where they explained the positives of investing in great images and how they will empower your brand – which is a point we couldn’t agree more with.

The brief for the video was to capture the essence of the day and turn it into a short promo video. Using long lenses and shooting 4K, we were able to capture the attendees enjoying the pre-talk networking and canapés without being obtrusive.

For any live event, you need to ensure you’re capturing everything perfectly, as there aren’t any second chances. Because of this, we always shoot with multiple cameras, capture beautiful looking b-roll, and ensure there is an individual mic for every speaker.

The video went live on their blog a little while back or you can view it in all of it’s glory on our Future Proof Films Vimeo page.

Completed Project: Interviews  | Client: StatPro

Just like Gravity Digital, we’ve also worked with StatPro before (we must just be incredible at keeping our clients happy!). This time around, we created a series of five short interviews with StatPro Chairman and Chair of the GIPS Executive Committee, Carl Bacon.

The videos were highly informative and along with some gorgeous b-roll filmed in their London HQ, we were able to create five engaging short interviews and a longer video compiled of the five.

Splitting videos into smaller, ‘bite-size’ chunks is a great way to extend the value of a video, quickly create more content for website and/or social media accounts but most importantly, help maintain viewer engagement. A viewer (and therefore a prospective customer) is much more likely to watch five short two minute videos than they will watch a ten minute video covering the same content.

You can see the video series on their website.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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