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After what could have been months of planning, filming and editing, there’s no better feeling than giving our clients their finished videos. However, a feeling that does come close is when said videos go ‘live’ on our client’s websites and they push them out to their customers and audiences.

Recently, we’ve had some of our favourite video projects popping up on our client’s websites and social media pages. It’s always great watching them go public and viewing the public’s reactions to our videos.

Completed Project: Introduction to Gospel Yorkshire | Client: Gospel Yorkshire

We were approached by the charity Gospel Yorkshire earlier in the year to create a new promotional video introducing who they are and what they plan to do. Yorkshire is a beautiful county, so it was an absolute treat being able to travel around Yorkshire getting some truly stunning location shots.

With the Yorkshire setting in mind, we went armed with our drone to capture some really grand aerial shots. Seeing the county from above really adds a sense of grandeur to the video.

We also filmed all of the interviews and b-roll in 4K. Shooting in 4K not only looks incredible, it also allows you to crop in on the image, giving you an additional ‘angle’ for adding emphasis in an interview shot or allowing you to readjust a shot if you were pushed for time whilst setting up.

The video is already doing great online, on the charity members personal social media pages, the Gospel Yorkshire website and it will also be screened at several charity conferences and events over the next few months.

Promotional Video

Completed Project: Animated Explainer Video | Client: The Liquidation Advice Centre

Animated explainer videos are on of our favourite types of videos to create. Whilst they do take longer to create than most live-footage videos, they’re immensely fun to create and incredibly rewarding to complete.

Animated explainer videos are also incredibly effective at informing an audience and explaining a product, service or process. This is due to their engaging graphics, quick and slick animations and transitions, and clear and concise voiceovers.

Our animated explainer video for The Liquidation Advice Centre is sat right on their homepage, which is the perfect place for an animated explainer video. By featuring the video so prominently, the bounce rate on the site will become lower because new visitors can watch the engaging animated explainer video, instead of having to discover what the company does and then read about it, which is off-putting to many site visitors.

Animated Explainer Video

Other News…

In other (very exciting) news, the new game The Turing Test (which was released on PC and Xbox) featured a soundtrack that was produced within our studio and co-produced by our very own audio wizard Sam Houghton and local musician extraordinaire Yakobo.

We also have lots of shoots coming up in Birmingham, London and right here in Derby, to name a few. Most of these shoots are for promotional videos but we also have some great event shoots and even a photography shoot creating promotional artwork for a company. So as always, we’re busy creating a very varied amount of work.

If you want to give your company a huge boost, contact us today.

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