“Preparation is the key to success”

As well as putting the finishes touches on a couple of projects and enjoying the kind words from some very happy clients, this week we’re dedicating a good amount of time to the pre-production on some upcoming corporate videos.

Alexander Graham Bell once said: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” And although we haven’t seen any of Alexander Graham Bell’s corporate videos, his advice is sound and we know the value of having a clear picture and plan long before we animate a single frame or call “action”.

Current Project: C of E Baptism Video | Client: Wild Duck Productions

The premise of the project sounds simple enough: to create a video explaining baptism using a live baptism and an in-depth discussion between a priest and a young family. The reality is anything but simple.

We do love a challenge here at Future Proof Films and the documenting of not one, but four baptisms occurring simultaneously, is a big challenge. Just discussing the ways to record sound properly should be enough to make anyone’s head explode, but we love solving these kinds of problems as we know that it will lead to a high quality final video.

Capturing premium quality video and audio is something we pride ourselves on, and we constantly reinvest in equipment. This time, we have invested in the Zoom F8 multi-track field recorder (you can read more here). All you really need to know is that it records excellent audio from up to 8 inputs – and that’s our first step in tackling the challenge of recording sound for our live baptisms.

Completed Project: Ecofective Organic Gardening | Client: BGD Agency

We were asked to create a set of 3 videos illustrating the effectiveness of some new organic gardening products. The brief was to use time-lapse photography and keep things simple as the video will likely be screened in garden centres across the UK.

‘Keep things simple’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’.

What it really means is to make the message clear and the presentation clinical, which will make for effective and engaging marketing of these gardening products. So we simplified the background, timed all the text animations to allow sufficient reading time, kept the motion graphics unfussy yet slick, and crucially, we kept the running time nice and snappy.

The deadlines for the videos were tight, however we were able to deliver these 3 corporate videos with time to spare and the feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive.

Other News…

When we moved into our new offices we had many ongoing projects, which is my feeble excuse as to why it’s taken us so long to actually put the shelves up on the walls, but no longer shall we trip over expensive film equipment!

The Turing Test computer game, whose sumptuous soundtrack was created in our office by our very own Sam Houghton, was released on XBOX and PC to critical acclaim.

Finally, we have been debating whether to update our showreel with our recent corking corporate videos, or to wait until we’ve completed the upcoming corporate videos that we’re so excited by. The debate rages on, but watch this space.

As always, if you want to give your company a huge boost, contact us today.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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