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We’ve recently been creating lots of animated explainer videos for clients all over the UK. We’ve also been travelling around Yorkshire creating an absolutely beautiful video full of drone videography and 4K goodness. And lastly, we’ve been reinvesting in lots of exciting new toys for the company; more 4K cameras, even better audio equipment, and more lighting equipment, so we can give our clients the best video they can get!

Completed Project: Animated Explainer Video | Client: The Liquidation Advice Centre

Animated explainer videos are one of the greatest ways to explain something to your audience and convert them into customers. For instance, if you’re trying to explain a complicated new service that you offer, it may be tempting to just have a member of staff talk to the camera and explain it the best they can. But it won’t be exciting, it won’t engage your viewers, and it won’t do your company or service justice.

However, if you use an animated explainer video, you’ll be harnessing eye-catching graphics, a clear, concise voice-over, and slick, engaging animations. All of these will help to communicate your message to your audience, much better than a simple talking-head style video ever could.

Satisfying the brief. Raising the engagement.

The Liquidation Advice Centre supply company liquidation advice for struggling businesses, which can appear to be a complicated service, so they opted for an animated explainer video to help communicate their mission clearly, concisely and successfully.

We always start each animated explainer video with in-depth pre-production. For this, we work with the client to create a great script that will the foundation of the video. We then storyboard the entire video, so the client can see exactly what the finished video will look like. By having such an in-depth pre-production process, the client will always receive exactly what they want.

This animated explainer video will be released in the coming week, as soon as it goes live on the client’s shiny new site. The client absolutely loves the video so we’ll be updating our website with their lovely words soon too.

Current Project: Promotional Video | Client: Gospel Yorkshire

For Gospel Yorkshire, we travelled around Leeds, Scarborough, Dewsbury and Cleckheaton, to create a promotional video for the charity.

As the video would mostly be made up of interview shots, we had to come up with ways to hold viewer engagement whilst keep the message of the video clear. To do so, we combined the interview shots with b-roll* taken from each location. Using our 4k cameras and our 4K drone, we captured some beautiful images of the Yorkshire countryside, as well as the more urban, built up areas of Yorkshire.

The final video will be completed in the coming weeks and will then go live for the charity’s big conference towards the end of October.

*B-roll is essentially alternative footage that you can supplement your main shots with, either to help the editing process or to show shots that work in context with the main shots. 

Other News…

We’ve recently bought lots of new gear as we’re always reinvesting in our company in order to provide the best for our clients. Be it upgrading our workstations for quicker project turnarounds, purchasing the most up-to-date software for improved workflows, or buying and upgrading to the latest video and audio gear to improve upon our already incredibly high standards.

We’ve also recently taken on a great project abroad but for now, we have to remain tight-lipped! (Nothing like leaving you all on a cliffhanger).

And as always, if you want to give your company a huge boost, contact us today.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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