If your video isn’t engaging, it will not succeed.

Which is why when we create new video content, be that promotional videos, product videos, animated explainer videos or any other kind of video, we always concentrate on engagement.

So, I hear you ask, how do we create engaging video content?

The easiest, quickest (and more than likely cheapest) way of ensuring your next video is as engaging as a brand new binge-watching-worthy Netflix show, is to simply contact us. We’ll then treat you to a coffee and by the time you’re at the end of your caffeinated beverage, we’ll have a solid plan on how to make your video chock-full of ‘engagement’.

The slightly longer way of doing this is to read through this blog and once you’ve finished, drop us an email and we’ll still treat you to that delicious salted caramel frappuccino you can’t stop thinking about. Sound good? Great!

1. Choose The Right ‘Kind’ Of Video

If an estate agent wants to advertise a stunning country house, a 90-second cinematic property film would work great but a short animated explainer video wouldn’t. However, if that same estate agent has a new property letting service that they want to promote, a short animated explainer video is perfect!

Put simply, choosing the right video is vital.

Last year, we ran a short competition with the goal of awarding a company a free corporate video. The lucky winners (a talented bunch of internet marketing web designers) collectively known as Frogspark Studio, decided they’d like a video to promote their services.

Frogspark - Promo Video

Our animated explainer video for Derby company Frogspark.

After hashing out some ideas, we agreed that the best type of video for the for Derby based company would be an animated explainer video. These videos use engaging animations, professionally created graphics, and clear and concise voice-overs.

This powerful mix is a surefire way of engaging your audience, and it’s one that we rely on time and time again when creating videos with a lot of facts or statistics as it allows us to edit these into fun, visually captivating animations.

2. Less is more.

When it comes to engaging your audience, less is definitely more!

This is because the average attention span for a viewer is somewhere between 60 to 120 seconds, and after that, they just completely switch off. So by keeping your videos short, you’ll be fully engaging your audience, meaning they’re more likely to interact with your video and then act on whatever you have in your ‘Call To Action’ board at the end.

Of course, some videos, such as event videos, training videos or some promotional videos, may need to be longer than five minutes and for these, we’d focus on creating engagement through other means (with music beds, presenters, graphics, shooting styles etc) but as a general rule of thumb: short videos = great engagement!

In fact, we often get asked to create lengthy videos for clients and we always reply with two options for them:

  • 1. They streamline their idea, making it sub-120 seconds. This is great for the client as they’ll save money by hiring us for a shorter video AND they’ll have something that’ll work great on their site & social media pages.

Or the second idea:

  • 2. They divide their lengthy video idea into manageable 60-120 second chunks. This way, they’ll have enough videos for a campaign, meaning they’ll see a better return on investment, more audience interaction AND they’ll have some great video content for their site & social media pages.

Basically, we’re absolute saints and we’d rather invoice you for less money and have your videos actually work than sip cocktails on a private beach courtesy of your bank account whilst you sit with a video that’s doing nothing for your company! (Aren’t we good to you?!)

Honda took ‘quick videos’ to the next level with their ‘Keep Up’ advert.

3. It’s All In The Production (Values).

When we create engaging video content, you’ll notice that we put a real emphasis on great production values. Mixing great visuals, great audio and creative planning and production, we create video content that engages viewers on multiple levels.

For instance, last year, we were hired by fellow Derby company Bulkhead Interactive to travel to Normandy in France to create the promo video for their new game Battalion 1944. The promotional video was to be the main focus on their Kickstarter campaign page and it was pivotal in the success of their game.

We had to break the ‘Less is More’ rule by making it five minutes long so we knew we’d need to make it hugely engaging with great production values to keep the viewer hooked till the very last second. To do this, we broke the production values into three main parts:

  • 1. The video had to be visually engaging. To ensure the video was visually engaging, we  filmed everything in a very cinematic way to reflect the epic, historically prolific locations and the scale and scope of the up-coming game. We used a RED Dragon camera to film the video to deliver a video in stunning 4K and we used a 4K drone to capture breathtaking aerial shots over Normandy.
  • 2. The video had to sound incredible. For the sound, we created a bespoke soundtrack that gave the video a World War Two film vibe, as well as keep the energy flowing through the video. We also captured all of the interviews with outstanding sound gear to ensure all of the interviews sound crisp and clear.
  • 3. The video had to have a natural flow to it that guided the viewer right to the end. Lastly, to make the video flow naturally and keep the viewer hooked, we incorporated stunning b-roll of over interview shots to weave them together seamlessly. We also went through several iterations of the edit to make it as engaging as possible!

With well over 1,000,000 views and £330,000+ raised on their Kickstarter page, the video was a huge success so we know we created some exceptionally engaging video content!

Our promotional video for fellow Derby company Bulkhead Interactive.

Now you know three pretty great ways we create engaging video content! Knowing what goes in to making engaging video content will definitely help you craft your video project briefs and give you a better understanding of our process.

So don’t delay, contact us today and ensure your next video is chock-full of engagement!

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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