Are You Considering An Animated Explainer Video?

(Because you definitely should be!)

Does your business have a product or a service that’s difficult to explain?

Can you sense your prospective clients getting lost in the overwhelming amount of information that you are trying to outline? If so, animated explainer videos can help you in several ways:

By adding video to your website you will reduce your bounce rate.

Being able to answer your potential client’s questions quickly and efficiently you will increase your conversion rate.

And of course, by having video content on your website, you’ll boost your traffic and SEO.

Lets face it the world loves videos!

We’re sure there are several aspects of your business that you can think of right now that would benefit from having an animated explainer video. Lucky for you, we’re experts at converting complex products and services into easy to understand videos.

Our animated explainer video for Frogspark got them a great return on their investment.

When it’s time to move beyond words and you have decided to create an animated explainer video you can let your imagination run wild. Your video can be anything you want it to be, the more memorable the better.

If you want a friendly animated slow-cooker to explain your brand new recipe book then you go for it.

If you want bold animated text to move around the screen to explain your new service, then that’ll work great too.

Using engaging animations will help further boost your viewer interactions and your conversion rate.

So, where do I start?

Go through the following questions and have a think about the answers. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry, we can help you no matter how vague or exact your answers are.

Consider who your audience is? Are they new to your service or products? What is their previous knowledge and understanding? Remember, video is a also a great tool for new staff and training purposes.

What do you want to say to your audience? Do you want to show them how something works? Or a procedure for a complex process?

Write a road-map for your story. Consider the stages: beginning, middle and end.

How do you want your video to look? Do you have specific things you want to show your audience? What do you want it to sound like? Consider style of music, pace and dynamics.

Our animated explainer video for The Liquidation Advice Centre has been a great success.

Finally, be aware of how long you want your video to be. Research suggests that 85% of people will watch a 30 second video in its entirety however, only 50% will watch a 2 minutes video to the end. So the shorter the better!

Our ‘golden duration’ is 60-90 seconds as this duration for a video sees a great boost to engagement, a real push in traffic and a real return on investment.

So don’t delay, contact us today and book your next animated explainer video with us to give your company the boost it deserves.

Do you have a video project in mind?