Conference Filming & Training Videos

The benefits of filming your training event or conference are vast.

  • Reach A Wider Audience

    When filmed, the potential audience number for your conference becomes huge. You can host the video where you want and send the conference to who you want.

  • Train Current And Future Employees

    More often than not, you won’t be able to have all your employees attend the conference. With video, they can catch up on what was seen and said, and the video can be used to train future employees.

  • Utilise Visual Learning

    Teach people by showing them. With video they can access it anywhere they like, pause and rewind, and really make the most of visual learning.

“Having our conference filmed enabled us to engage with a much wider audience than just those delegates in the room. We’ve been able to show the film to those unable to attend and also used the footage as a training aid for our own staff.

From the very first enquiry to delivering the end result, the guys at Future Proof Films have been brilliant. They’re fab!”

Hayley DycheMarketing Manager, Lighthouse Healthcare

What Goes Into Good Conference Filming?

Every conference or training event is different, but the considerations are always the same.


Lighting is a key consideration. Does the venue incorporate adequate natural lighting or do you need to enhance it? Will the lighting change over the presentation, perhaps when slides are projected?

These are just a few of the questions we ask that dictate where we film from and what we use to film.


There are a lot of camera (and lens) options for conference filming. We own many and we’ve rented many more. Ultimately though, it comes down to what’s best for capturing your particular training event, seminar or conference.

It can be dictated by the space, for example, long lenses for bigger rooms, wide lenses for smaller rooms. It can be dictated by the intended use of the video. Is it to form a training DVD, to host on the web, to be shown in full or to be chopped up into smaller segments or form a short promo video?

What you can be sure of is that we know our f-stops from our focal lengths and we will have the best setup for your event.


Sound is important on every video, but none more so than a training or conference video. People won’t watch a 30 second video if the audio is bad, so a 30 minute video would be torture.

Having both great visuals and great sound is very important to us. We work hard in the planning and production phase to ever let poor sound quality be an issue. Every video has to look and sound great before we let it leave our studio.

Finishing Touches

There are a few techniques we’ve developed over the years that allow us to elevate a conference, product launch or training video.

Having a copy of the speaker’s presentation that the video can seamlessly cut to looks slick and professional. Multi-cam setups ensure varied shots and can capture audience reactions or participation.

Do you have an upcoming training event or conference? Let’s talk.

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