Animated Explainer Videos Are Amazing

They Allow You To:

  • Explain Complex Ideas

    Effectively showcase complex products or services to your customers. Perfect for industries such as IT, Software, Legal and Manufacturing.

  • Engage More People

    Reach a much wider audience as people engage and share your video. Remember, 92% of video consumers share videos with others.

  • Utilise Visual Learning

    Teach people what you do by showing them. Bring abstract ideas and procedures to life through motion graphics and kinetic text.

Our Animated Explainer Video Process

Just like a good animated explainer video, the process of creating one requires clarity.


The first step is to discuss your initial ideas and get to know your business a bit more – this can be done via email, but over a coffee is much more thirst-quenching. We will narrow down the key points you want to translate, the type of tone that would work best, and together we will create a vision of what the animated explainer video should be. (Find more information on those early considerations here).


Following the planning phase we shall create a script. Sometimes you, the client, will create a draft, but often we will use our creatives and marketing members to create a draft that incorporates all of the ideas from the planning stage. Then the script will be revised and streamlined by both parties until we’re left with nothing but the solid gold foundations of a killer animated explainer video. Lean, clear and exciting!


Once the script is in place, our graphic designers and animators shall produce a visual storyboard. This will include examples of the final graphics and designs, all in-line with your brand guidelines, and it will describe how we’re going to animate certain aspects and move from one ‘slide’ to another.

Just like at the script stage, both parties will tweak the storyboard and arrive at something visually arresting and engaging to the future audience.


Finally, it’s time to animate! Our animators will begin working to bring your video to life using all their skill and experience to produce slick and impressive movements that all help serve, emphasise and reinforce the message of the video. Once we have a first draft (note: our first drafts are 95% of the way to the final video), we will then send the video to yourself for any notes or feedback you might have.

Finishing Touches

Once the animation has been locked, our sound designer will build the sound design for the video and apply the finishing touches that really make the video pop.

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