Our good friends and fellow Derby-based creatives, Frogspark, invited us to their HQ last week to chat about videos, marketing and all things digital. Out of the meeting we decided it’d be a great idea for us both to create a blog post for each other. You can read ours right now on Frogspark’s site here and you can read their (as always very informative) blog below.

With over 500 million people watching Facebook videos every day, you have probably noticed the impact videos have had on social media. It’s clear that people like content in the form of videos but have you considered them for your website?

There are generally two types of videos used in marketing; conversion videos and engagement videos. Conversion videos are designed to encourage and drive sales whereas engagement videos convey the brand of a company and give your business personality.

Here at Frogspark, we know having videos on your website will have many positive effects from improving the visuals on your website to boosting your SEO and visibility in Google.

1. Attractive and Interactive.

You will engage website users instantly with autoplay videos featuring on your homepage. A lot of companies such as mediaBOOM are cleverly integrating videos so that they become the backdrop to a homepage.

You can also use videos to break up pages on your website which are heavily saturated with text. Some of your website users are much more likely to watch videos than read through a block of text.

2. The technical stuff ­ Google’s ‘dwell time’.

Videos add to content on your website and, because people are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy page of text, they are likely to stay on your website for longer.

As a result, this could improve the “dwell time”. The length of time people spend on your website is something Google considers when ranking your website.

3. More of the technical stuff ­ mobile users like videos

As we all know now, more and more people are browsing websites on mobile devices. Small screens can make text difficult to read. A simple way to make your website more optimised is to include videos. Videos are easy to watch on all devices.

4. Brand personality,

What better way is there for a brand to tell its story and show its values than with a video? Videos offer a much better insight than words. Every aspect of a video reflects your brand. Is your brand better represented with animations and cartoons or a professional vlog? It also gives you the perfect opportunity to show how you practice your values rather than stating them.

5. Memorability.

You can make a huge impact with a video that lasts just a few seconds. People are more likely to remember you if they have visuals to remember you by.

6. Exploring your products and services.

Impulse buys online are rare. People are using the internet to shop around before making a purchase. By giving them a virtual tour of your products or services, you build a buyer’s trust and it will probably be the reason they choose you over a competitor.

7. Testimonial credibility.

Words can be untrustworthy. A video testimony provides almost as much value as word of mouth. Having someone tell you with confidence to put your trust in a brand speaks volumes.

Frogspark’s web homepage features a video made by Future Proof Films which we know has greatly improved the interactivity on this page as well as our conversion rate.

Do you have a video project in mind? 

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