5 Reasons An Explainer Video Will Help Your Company

(Psst! And Three Bonus Reasons Why You Should Choose Us)

Whether you’re a startup looking to explain what it is you do, or an established company looking to explain a new product, service or process, an Explainer Video is the perfect tool for you.

But what is an Explainer Video?

Quite simply, it’s a video that explains something. Usually they’re quite short videos and more often than not, they’re also animated (although they don’t have to be, even if we’d normally recommend that they are!).

In recent years, Explainer Videos have become extremely popular due to their inherent way of plainly explaining a product, service, process, brand or mission statement. Even if the thing you’re wanting to explain is complicated, it’s very easy to do so with an Explainer Video.

Below are five more reasons why you should invest in an Explainer Video. (Plus three reasons you should choose us to make them!)

A short clip from one of our successful animated explainer videos.

1. Most People Learn Visually

In a study by the Social Science Research Network, they found that 65% of the population learns visually. Which means a video is the perfect way to engage your audience and get them to properly digest the message of your video.

And from the 35% who don’t learn visually, 30% of these learn by listening, which is also great news as every Explainer Video should include either a voice-over or someone talking to camera.

Which means an Explainer Video with great visuals and audio will engage up to 95% of your audience.

2. Move Up The Google Ranks

Video is proven to boost a website’s performance by helping it rank higher on Google. This is especially true if you host your video on YouTube (which is of course owned by Google).

So why not kill two birds with one stone by explaining your product, service or brand and also move up the Google ranks by including an Explainer Video on your website.

3. Lower Your Bounce Rate

To keep a customer on your website, you’ll need to engage with them within the first few seconds of them arriving. By including video prominently on your homepage,  you’ll grab the attention of your visitors and you’ll keep them on the site for longer.

So by including an Explainer Video on your homepage you’ll reduce your ‘bounce rate’ and this will also help improve your ranking on Google!

4. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that 85% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or sign up for a service if they have watched an Explainer Video related to the product or service.

This is because the Explainer Video builds up the customer’s buying confidence by explaining the product or service clearly and professionally. By building up a customer’s confidence in a product or service, you are much more likely to make a sale and more importantly, establish a relationship with the customer.

5. Make The Most of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all favour video above text and image posts by placing them higher on their news-feeds and by keeping them prominent for longer. Videos are also shared more on social platforms than any other type of post.

So take advantage of these facts by uploading and posting your Explainer Video to your social platforms. By doing so, you’ll connect with a more varied audience and they’ll be a much higher chance that your Explainer Video will be shared amongst your audience. Which in turn will push traffic through your site and lead to more conversions!

Bonus Reasons
Why you should choose us…

1. Great Quality

Whether we’re filming your Explainer Video or animating it, we’re experts at crafting the perfect video that will look and sound incredible!

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver outstanding video content that not only looks incredible but also does what it’s created for – to help your business succeed.

2. Affordable

We offer incredible video content for affordable prices. Which means companies of all sizes can benefit from the power of video.

3. Proven Results

Our videos work. Whether they’re getting viewed thousands upon thousands of times on YouTube or helping a small start-up company net over £300,000 worth of funding, our videos work!

With our blend of creative expertise and marketing expertise, we really do know the secret of how to make an effective video that will net you an return on your investment.

A short montage clip from one of our (incredibly successful) promotional explainer video for Derby-based video game company, Bulkhead Interactive.

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